Believe You Can And You're Halfway There.

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Unite with me, O Merciful Lord; I have fallen at your door. Save me; I have wandered enough and now I am tired.


Not really looking for a spouse yet, but when I do, the love for God should be so big in his heart that there should be very little space left for me. :)



I don’t know why Guru Ji chose to save a loser like me
but I will be forever grateful _/\_ 

Story of my life.



I was not hating on Pakistan. If you actually read my poem, you would have seen that the line about the “cresent moon” equally criticizes India as well.

My dada ji was born in Jallandhar and my nani was born in Lahore. I am not Indian, I am not Pakistani. I am Punjabi.

The truth of the matter is that my motherland has been divided by arbitrary lines, separating families, and making countless places of pilgrimage unaccessible to Sikhs. At the same time, India hasn’t done a very good job in the upkeeping of my Punjab either (bee tee dubz, Himachal and Haryana were both originally Punjab, and currently have majority of Punjab’s unfair water division).